metro stories

the berlin U-bahnmetrosubwaytube is a funny place. there’s not really a rush hour to speak of. perhaps a school rush phase at varying points of the day.

unless there is something strange going on in town, you can usually get a seat, even if it is next to someone drinking a beer at 7am.

it’s also a place for random meetings.

yesterday i met a man doing his Ph.D in biology in berlin. he is from cameroon and reminded me that perhaps whatever problems i encounter in berlin will somehow serve me later in life.

a couple of weeks ago, i met a man from trinidad. i don’t know what he was doing other than trying to convince me in a rather obnoxious way that i should get with him. as berlin really isn’t that big, i was almost not surprised to see him three weeks later at bauhaus-hermannplatz, with a woman, buying home furnishings. and he had the nerve to wink when the woman was a few feet away. i’m sure it was his sister.

last night, at around 6pm, on the U1, a crush of high-school students filled all of the empty space in the car. a woman who had just sat down next to me was reading, just like i was. she seemed annoyed by all the hootin and hollarin. i was able to sense this by the fact that she held her fingers in her ears for the next 6 stops. across the way, an older woman clutched at a bag of papers – one read "dieu soucie-t-il vraiment de nous?"(does god really care about us?)

only in berlin would someone expect absolute quiet on public transportation.


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