i’m a millionaire

i’m a millionaire…

you want to be a millionaire and i’ll say whatever i damn please.

maybe that’s what gunter jauch was thinking. or more likely he wasn’t thinking at all.

i was just trying to fight off jet lag and stay up past 8pm without the aid of caffeine. flipping channels. came across gunter jauch and a pretty easy question. i was about to change the channel because i already knew that Antananarivo was the capital of Madagascar and it looked like this very large woman was going to use up all of her jokers trying to figure that one out. but just before my thumb pressed down on the remote control button, responding to something unbeknowst to me, Gunter Jauch quotes a former Bundespresident, : “all i know is Guten Tag meine Damen und Herren, Liebe Neger.

since i doubt there is much political or critical analysis of any -isms going on during a cheezy game show, i don’t care what the context was. why is that being repeated on tv as a ha ha ha, knee-slapping, shooting the shit in between questions anecdote? and more importantly, why am i still living here?

i turned off the tv.

after catching up and trying to get in touch with NO folks, i’d heard back from a bunch of friends who’ve also read the village voice article, half-joking that maybe they should move elsewhere, like i did, where people aren’t left to rot in stagnant water and their own waste for days. in my college circle, one friend made it to dallas and another classmate was evacauted in the back of a delivery truck of the newspaper he writes for.

amid all of the international shock, i’m confused as to why people believe/wish it’s so different anywhere else. all over the world, there are the same elitists, same racists, same ignorant people, only in different packaging with varying degrees of power. social state or not, whether it’s french old people sweltering to death in the canicule/summer heat or poor people in NO, regular, everyday people have to take the time to help others out to fill in the gaps, stay freiwillig activ, make something out of less than nothing so that next generations aren’t doing the same thing, listening to the same offensive shit from 1955 and 2005 in 2085.

a woman in houston donating free time to do NO children’s hair as they get ready to enter texas schools. that’s love, right there.

don’t wait. go spread some love now.

do better.


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