wonders of technology

wonders of technology

just so a face could be placed with a name and my expert knowledge on rent and (ironically) ipods in berlin… i received an e-mail from new york while chilling out in the apple store in ginza – tokyo, japan. my neighbor at the next imac showed me how to change the keyboard from japanese characters to english characters. in return, i had to pose for a picture which will end up god knows where. on request, my friend in taiwan sent me a kind of crappy picture taken of me a week earlier in hanoi, vietnam, which was transfered from a digital camera to her laptop hard drive. the picture is sent to new york from the apple store in ginza the next day and voila…

found in the latest article of the series Generation Debt: The New Economics of Being Young by A. Kamenetz

and yet i still can’t get through to cell phones in new orleans. technology…

i’m back… the vacation post coming soon.


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