discovering germany, part 2

discovering germany, part 2

part I previously took raskal trippin to hamburg. this week i took a home improvement trip to the Ruhrgebiet to help a couple of berliners who are jumping ship. when travelling from east to west, you can see signs for other areas/towns which have lovely scenic landmarks, like schloss and garten; when you reach the ruhrgebiet, the first thing you see from the highway is a big ass nuclear reactor. industriekultur.

during the ride, i saw horses, two old windmills, a tiny little village called Erxleben, lots of wind turbines, the old watchtowers at the east/west border, and other things that were a bit hard to take a picture of at 200 kmh. at one of the reststops, i did get to take a picture of the truck wash and the latest in west german fashion (please note the steel capped shoes – not boots, it’s summer, silly – and the breakaway leather pants).

i ate lots of sausauge, tempered by corn hot off the grill. and i learned there’s a difference between berliner currywurst, really just a bratwurst with ketchup sprinkled with the most minimal amount of curry and paprika possible, and west german currywurst, which i dared to try again, made with an actual curry sauce. if you miss the ketchup, you can put it on your fries.

the weekend continued the general trend of revisiting events from the past year in Berlin. for the last two days, i’ve been thankful for the home improvement tips i learned from a professional painter at last year’s Berlin Volunteer Day (this year Sept 10) , where we helped to paint a community room at the Morus Rollberg community center in Neuk├Âlln.

other revisits:

people: i ran into someone on bergmannstr. who i’d met earlier in the year at black atlantic and meeting up just didn’t really work out. that’s now rectified and i’m happy about it.

the umpteenth run of the year: CityNacht on Ku’damm was so much fun. probably not so much fun for the winner for the in-line skating race since no one bothered to remove the wire fence barrier blocking off traffic until the skater was 3 seconds away from crashing into it. i accidentally ended up running the furthest i’ve ever gone before. 5.2 k. i thought it was only 5k and was kinda salty after passing the 5k mark, finding out there was still more to go.

haruki murakami: during my unemployed stretch, i bought the thickest english language book i could find at dussmann’s, the wind-up bird chronicle. it was pretty amusing, ignoring the bank account implications, to sit around while being unemployed and read a book about an unemployed person who isn’t even trying to find a job. i should score some extra berlinerin points for that one.  murakami revisted – tony takitani at moviemento.

that’s enough berlin for me. for now. check the archive. i’m out.


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