moviemento – OmU migraine

moviemento – OmU migraine

moviemento is right down the street from where i live, a kreuzberg institution to me. moviemento reminds me of the doctor’s office. you have an appointment but you know it will never ever start on time. the last movie at moviemento probably starts at 3am, if you are lucky.

traffic was the first movie i saw at moviemento. i left with a headache that had excedrin written all over it.benicio del toro could do nothing for the plot and i had to live through the OmU in a foreign country experience.

OmU stands for Original mit Untertitlen – orignal version with subtitles. OmU migraine can be caused by listening to a movie in a foreign language and reading it in foreign subtitles. traffic was an especially bad case because 1/2 of it was in spanish and nobody told me.

i gave it a try again for tony takitani because murakami and a ryuichi sakamoto soundtrack are worth the risk to my health.

what i didn’t count on was the woman who came with a 20-pound bag of chips and the 4 people in the middle row who had a case of weed giggles. when the movie started off with tony takitani’s name was…it was really tony takitani, i thought they would laugh straight through the next 74 minutes.

after the movie, it was clear that my German – i knew words like Pausane and Leichnam – is getting better than my Japanese, which only came through for a total of 6 words – moshimoshi, sumimasen, shigoto, arigato, hai, and mainichi. i did recognize a whole bunch of kanji characters in the credits which must be some sort of progress.

the easiest solution: wait til it’s out on DVD. but go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the theaters. Two words. Augustus Gloop.


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