1 year – Berlin Bears

1 year: Berlin bearishness

today marks my one year anniversary of living in Berlin. and therefore in Germany. I know but sometimes i pretend it isn’t. i made it and i lived to tell about it.

i remembered reading on craigslist that someone was doing a story on "expats" in Berlin for the village voice. i checked and didn’t find any new articles.

what i did find:

innovative ways to pay for a year in
if he can do it, so can you!

an amusing quote:
"No yuppies. Far fewer than in New York. Living in a place without any yuppies at all makes you realize they have some function.

To keep the economy healthy. Why did you—you
from Boulder where everyone has pink cheeks and your mother
goes hiking every morning—want to live in Williamsburg?
Because it’s as bleak as Berlin?
There are certain similarities.

what i did to celebrate: i went to disneyworld! no, not really.

instead, i went to see the berlin bears. not the kitschy sculptures. berlin has its own live mascots. brown bears. i’m not kidding. they live in köllnischer park by the markisches museum. every day at 12.30 (for free!) you can see schnute, maxi and tilo (photos) being fed an assortment of goodies like apples, pears and grapes. what cuties. everyone seemed to love the bears except one little anglophone blond girl. after
exclaiming loudly THEY ARE ALL THERE! and
I CAN’T SEE, she decided that she liked pigeons better
than bears and let everyone know (loudly).

what i learned:

– to keep it moving. berlin embodies the anti-hustle.
i can’t relate to that.
– there are actually things i miss about living in France and speaking French.
– my English is not getting any better.
– the look that people give you when you tell them you live in Kreuzberg means: but where will your non-existent children go to school?
– there are no need for real shoes in Berlin. Pumas suffice for every occasion.
– the top ten list just keeps going and going and going, like an energizer battery.

what i regret:

neglecting German – the reason I wanted to be here in the first place… i’m all on this one when i come back from vacation. i’m convinced i need to read more. i even have my first book picked out: Aimee and Jaguar.

round 2.


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