london in berlin

london in berlin

a dog with president bush’s head affixed, held aloft by red, white and blue balloons, shits an oblong piece of material, which tumbles through the air. the oblong material transforms into a round patty and falls directly onto an outstretched hamburger bun being held by ronald mcdonald. ronald places the top of the bun onto the burger, throws the whole thing into the air, only to be eaten by the bush-dog and the process starts again.

– various leaders carry fast food on silver platters, including berlusconi, mugabe, and condi rice.

– images of bush and blair at press conferences superimposed over a proportionally correct globe. a gun shoots at the land mass and it bleeds.

these were some of the visuals at the nitin sawhney concert at pop d’europe’s london night on saturday. not one to let a gaping whole in my mouth stop me, i doubled up on pain medicine and headed out. political commentary, music, and fashion. the fashion was provided by the wandering bbbb folks who got in free after their event was over at another part of arena. the opener for london night was home grown, nomad sound system. i would check them out again. for cheaper.

studiowise, nitin sawhney appears to be looped and sampled perfection. i didn’t know what to expect of the live show. i came away loving it. hearing immigrant and homelands performed live was enough for me. the rest was all bonus. he brought 5 brilliant vocalists with him. and since it was hardly packed, i hope he comes back to berlin sometime soon. and the girl who was dancing like she was channeling a ghost having an epilectic seizure stays home. scary.   

nitin sawhney’s new album: philtre


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