more berlin shorts

3 berlin short stories (from the deep archive)

at the "graffiti-free" holocaust memorial. i’m going to assume that unless you are going by yourself or it’s rainy, it’s easy to lose the solemness of the occasion and give in to playing hide and seek. maybe not a full blown out game. but at the first realization that you are walking faster than the people you came with and have a perfect opportunity to scare the shit out of them, it’s almost inevitable. these are things architects should think about. and decide against? 

an older group of three strayed toward the edge with shorter stiles. the older man about 70ish or so looked over at my friend atop a stile taking a picture and must have gotten inspired. this man decided to try and jump, not once, not twice but three times before getting his foot finally at the edge only to come tumbling down in slow motion. he was so intent on getting this shot that he held tightly onto the camera instead of trying to protect himself from falling. the on-duty officer smirked before coming to ask if he could help.

on stresemanstr. how anyone came up with the idea to name their restaurant express-china-thai-fastfood-döner-imbiss that i cannot explain. nor can i explain why anyone would want to go to a restaurant trying to do all that. but what completely baffles me is the two non-asian men who were wearing conical hats, looking like they were about to go rice farming, getting up from an apparent meal of china-thai-döner.

on boppstr. i had to check myself because i thought i was in the wrong. there were cars but they weren’t moving. yet this lady, headscarf styling and 3 kids in tow, was firmly letting her little mr. man know that he was not crossing the street. mr. little man looked quite tiffed and kept pointing to the pedestrian traffic light, saying something like but mommy it’s greeeeeeeeeeen. the light was green. so why was i standing there waiting? if that’s not assimilation, being able to inspire the fear of god into jaywalkers, i mean other pedestrians, i don’t know what that is. there’s a german value right there.

yet another berlin story from the deep archive(pending editor’s review -insh’allah -) will appear in the cityspace get on the bus anthology. thanks to desyl for the link, possibly months ago.


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