de berlin

Ohne jetzt ausländerfeindlich werden zu wollen, aber von wem lässt Zend die Strings für seine Produkte(in diesem Fall Zend Studio 4) übersetzen? Vom Chef einer Dönerbude in Berlin Neuköln?

courtesy of berlinblogs

now if you really feel the need to make an ignorant statement about someone’s supposed lack of language abilities or intelligence based on their job and ethnic background, then qualify it, and chuckle to yourself about it, the least, i repeat, the least you could do is spell Neukölln right, in your own language.

à paris

Si vous n’aimez pas la mer, si vous n’aimez pas la montagne, si vous n’aimez pas la ville… Allez vous faire foutre !

this post is sponsored by easyjet, la nouvelle vague, and the letter Q.

and if i wasn’t headed there, i’d love to be in stuttgart. only because roy hargrove isn’t coming to berlin. 20h, 16. July at Liederhalle Mozartsaal. RH Factor was one of the most ridiculously slept on CDs.

or the free roots concert in nyc tonight.

or living it up at montreux, from where bebop & loola report: Richard Bona still gives a great show. i’d give up a small body part to see him live again.


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