a classic summer

every summer i’ve been in berlin, it’s rained. a lot. no need for summer clothes. sun was reserved for special occasions like weddings.

and every summer i’ve been in berlin, i’ve gone to heimatkl√§nge, which started this week at Kulturforum, until 14. August. this year’s theme: copa americana. sure to erase any lingering trauma from the wedding music horrors.

but unlike other summers, i won’t be packing it up on sep 1.

aug 1 will mark my one year anniversary of moving to berlin. time flies.

and there are so many things left to do before then.

there was that housewarming party that was never planned…
and i wanted to try currywurst
and ask some random person willst du mich verarschen?
there’s freiluftkino and le cochon bourgeois
and hard:edged

and i need another list
and more free time

more milestones: less than a year until World Cup Deutschland. if that friend of a friend of a friend who is getting you seats looks like it will fall through, you can always sign up to be a volunteer.
The current application phase goes through September. The third and last application phase runs from January – February 2006. Apply online.

after May 2006, just in time for the WM, no more ICE trains will stop at Bahnhof Zoo. end of an era. shed a tear. maybe that means Lehrter Bahnhof will actually be finished by then… ?


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