the other night i smoked shisha for the first time. in a really cheezy atmosphere. around the table was a visiting acquaintance from morocco, and it’s been awhile since i’d been around someone who played the exotic bit to impress folks. all night long. if Sherezade had 1001 stories, this boy had 2002, which all convienently refered to his people in the 3rd person. he was an essentialist expert on all things arab and anywhere else that he’d visited where he claimed that he could pass as some other nationality.

now it’s not my life’s mission to educate or miseducate non-brown – liberal & conservative – people or play into their desires fantasies and fears about brown folks. what part of the game is that? so, i definitely don’t do promotion of white liberal infighting. or sillyness like this:

Mein Vater kommt aus Afrika, hat vollkommen normale Augen und duscht jeden Tag. Ich werde weiter in dieses schöne Café gehen, aber die Leute dann auch unbedingt mal auf ihre dusseligen Formulierungen ansprechen. Ich glaube nicht, das die das böse meinen.

one of my favorite quotes on indymedia (to which doughtnut boy andy left links in the comment section), which also includes apparent false postings by someone pretending to be a part of the cafe ownership accused of racist practices. the person who explains why he faked his identity writes later on:

Uns, vom Aktionsbündnis ist die objektive Sachlage eigentlich egal, wir wollen einfach nur mal wieder ein bißchen Action haben. Natürlich wollen wir für unser Ziel kämpfen “Nazifreies Deutschland – smash racism” aber irgendwie kriegen wir das hier in Pankow nicht hin.

Naja, wie ihr seht, haben wir ja doch noch ein bißchen Rummel aus der Sache geholt und wir vom Aktionsbündnis hoffen, daß ihr alle schon zu unserem Aktionstag vor dem Cafe am 17.06 kommt.

i’m not linking to that… some white liberals trying to use a racist event to their advantage to get some donations?

that’s a joke right? in a country without legal precedent for
*employment discrimination (poor Frau Ludin)
*housing discrimination (unbelievable that with the housing market in Berlin that this would exist, but it does)
*humane treatment of refugees (most black people in Germany?)
*resident/working visa discrimination (and actually, i wonder what is the largest employer of black people in Germany? probably the lion king or hotel housekeeping. so don’t wonder why people are trying to sell beads in a zoo.)

recent events which inspire white people to say- “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT.. how can that be…” seem just ridiculously stupid. the “really in my neighborhood? right down the street? where are those trains going? how curious…” act is kinda tired.

eff a media response. let me be really American and say hey, sue somebody. gather up the weed money and hire a lawyer, fellow pale brethren in the struggle. or maybe that would ruin the point – to be able to sit in a prenzlauer berg cafe & buy drugs inside instead of on the street – not to make a statement about racial profiling or racism in Germany.

which is not really illegal here.

as far as i know, it’s perfectly legal for an individual visa officer to decide on your right to residency, the fields in which you have the right to work, and the duration of your visa based on unstated, undefined, “other” criteria.

it’s just the beginning & shortsighted. there are no impressionable former abolitionist Quakers up north to appeal to.

come on now, people are about to get bold. yall ready?

the future is sept 18. go promote that.


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