francophone five special

1. meshell ndegeocello and spirit music jamia finally have an internet presence, in french and english, promoting the new CD and current US tour… check it out if you can. thanks matt for the updates as usual.
promotion… what a concept. universal france is actually trying to be on the ball.

2. bebop&loola, my favorite french berlin bloggers, say adieu and head off to the montreux jazz festival… i’m jealous.

3. my senegal football jersey is one of my favorite pieces of clothing. and although i don’t wear it that often, it gets me into strange french converstations when i do. on bergmannstr. another former paris resident and i ended up comparing what you can get in berlin and paris for 10 euros. conclusion: in paris not much. in berlin, you can feed a family of five plus a large pet at aldi.

4. last visitors of the summer season arrive today. the language majority will definitely be french this weekend. will be nice for a change.

5. and finally, no more visitors means that i’m free to leave… and paris is definitely on the list.


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