on blogging II

on blogging, part II

another exception…

so i was talking to a friend the other day, sitting at Rubens Coffee House, a great spot for bookcrossing, remarking to myself how nice the interior design is and how it doesn’t matter in the summer. a blog? what is this? what do you write about? like what about Berlin? the dogs over there? those people taking pictures? people who have an obsession with opening and closing windows for air circulation every 5 minutes? so i found myself agreeing to pass on the link to sort of explain the phenomenon of people spending (wasting) time on the internet writing junk for other people to read.

the dogs, the self-proclaimed sidewalk models probably wouldn’t make the cut; the fresh air contingent i just won’t write about but i do remember having a good laugh with this friend, who has now crossed over into non-bloggable territory. waiting for the bus one day, she pulls out a flyer. we were talking about places to go out in berlin, or where not to go, really. i examine it and something seems familiar, a vague feeling of deja-vu. i tell her something’s ringing a bell, not sure what, i’ll get back to her about this Black Girls Coalition.

back at home, i remembered exactly where i’d first seen it. the name reminded me of the short-lived NYC-based Black Grrrl Revolution of which I was an even shorter-lived member (i wrote an article about the importance of creating/claiming space on the net and sat in on an angry meeting between a white-owned feminist bookstore and the black grrrls). i clicked, realizing very quickly that their definition of "Black Girls" was not what we two black girls had in mind. they may throw a good party but i’m glad i caught that one before i ended up unknowingly representing the most realistic looking drag queen in the place. maybe the girls will be at pride.

happy pride weekend yall!


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