summer in berlin

summer in berlin

it’s quite a mystery to me. although i’ve spent parts of several summers here, i feel more attuned to berlin winter. trudging through snow, crunching around in the middle of the night to find a strassenbahn to a bus to a "10" minute walk that is always longer home. berlin summer is a bit new, when taken all at once.

i’m clueless as to the school vacation schedules, why sometimes the metro is packed at 6 and other times at 4. there is some essential information about berlin summer that i seem to be missing. like i’m confused as to why anyone would want to walk around berlin with no shoes on, if you are not involved in some kind of cult. i can picture an eerie Tom Cruise character with wire-rimmed glasses atop of a couch, pontificating on how touching your soles to the same patch of asphalt where a leprotic bum vomited last month is a purifying ritual.

now that i’m here for the whole summer… i look past the barefooted, paunch bulging out of low-waisted pants, and try to figure out the best way to get out of here. unlike paris where everyone packs their bags simultaneously and gets out of dodge, here people slink away unnoticed so no one comments on how someone who is chronically unemployed is going on vacation, again. the red faced attempt to slide back in to berlin life unnoticed yet peppering conversation with references of their latest trip to spain.

sitting on a beach by the spree is about as exciting as paris plage. not very.

in addition to city beaches, berlin also has its own fete de la musique, which took place yesterday. i have a really beautiful string of memories from paris fete de la musique, including faudel live at republique. after doing the requisite, mobile phone tag, you are where? going where? nikolaiviertel? um i’m in mitte. i gave up, thinking of faudel, headed home, missing the rain by a few seconds.

i think i may have a case of berlin burn-out.

in any case, gay pride 25.06

and if you needed convincing the Christopher Street Day organizers are sure to reel you in with this one:

For the second time the CSD will sponsor a small CSD-City on the grounds of the Arena, with everything that appeals to a queer’s heart:

    * a boat for chilling
    * a pool (on the Spree River!) for swimming
    * 6 dance floors
    * two elaborate stages
    * an oriental lounge
    * the Esco (Open Air) Bar with a view on the Spree River
    * a Sex-Labyrinth to wander through and an exclusive Girl’s Club in an new Arena location for girls and their friends

All this and the best innovative live and dance music that the city and other cities can offer.

Also the best of our classic regulars will also be on hand.

maybe that’s a translation. 6 dance floors are so appealing!


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