some of the happiest moments living abroad are related to the ever-welcome visitor. sometimes it can seem like you are running a hostel. and sometimes, despite the continually open invitation, there are long, desolate spaces where it seems like no one will ever come. the faux-ikeasofabed that doesn’t pull out is never used. it feels like you could die alone behind a tree near the landwerkkanal and it would be years before anyone back home notices.

recently we are averaging 1 visitor a month, complete with the stressful prep period of cleaning and trying to figure out how the visitor is going to get to the apartment without getting lost in the berlin wilderness. so far we’ve lost no one and everyone has returned back to where they came from unscathed.


americans are loud. i get loud (really loud) when american friends come to visit. and i really don’t care. yall stare anyway.

despite my impressive mental trivia collection gathered from various tours and lonely planet berlin, nobody cares. in france, even after years of unwanted french history relating to literature, i always felt unprepared. people wanted to know what is that, when did it happen, who lived there, who’s the man in that statue on a horse, where is the prison, what about this and this and that. i’m so glad we moved before davinci code. i guess just like my unexpected journey to berlin my visitors never thought about coming here either, until i started living here.

i love the question "do you need anything from the states?" but never really have anything in mind so i just make up stuff. which is why i have a box of pancake mix, a bottle of maple syrup, 4 boxes of cornbread mix, and 2 (now 1 1/2) bags of miniature reese’s peanut butter cups sitting on the kitchen table.

i will go into convulsions if i have to go to the pergamon again. that’s my eiffel tower. i just can’t do it. i lucked out the last time. maybe if they move it back to turkey, i’d do it one last time.

it’s a good idea to get the football schedules to coordinate your sightseeing plans. the galeries layafette – potsdamer platz – kadewe shopping trip was so not the move on schalke game day. i’m still seeing blue. those fools were everywhere. i could not believe the game started at 8.30pm.

my parents have still not come to visit me. in august it will be a YEAR already. bustaz.

i love my folks back home.


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