the things you can do when you have the right support

guess the pope put in some extra prayers for his brethren. Minister-President Rüttgers, famous for his Kinder statt Inder (Children instead of Indians – kind of rhymes in English too) slogan, wins the Nordrhein-Westfalen election. it seems like every county i move to swings right. Jospin, Schröder, at least they have social security after losing their jobs.

exciting post-election analysis on Das Erste, where every graph promoted Microsoft Windows System Server. i learned that there were two very important groups where the SPD lost votes: Arbeiter and Arbeitslose. this was of course made into a graph. very enlightening.

i’m really looking forward to see the revival of Kinder statt Inder put into practice. but perhaps from another country. Brasil is looking nice right about now. Lula and Linux… sounds like the future to me.


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