the first thing to go…

i knew i had something to do but i couldn’t remember what. then it dawned on me that the AVON run i signed up for months ago was happening the next day.

a little bit problematic since "training" dwindled down to zero kilometers, zero times per week. so i did what any reasonable person would do and punked out, frantically trying to figure out how to switch to the 5k run a day beforehand.

so i ended up at the problem desk on the top of karstadt ku’damm, after braving the hordes of internationale turnfest people and their swinging tags round their necks. will these people ever go home? i was informed that they were sleeping in the public schools which is why there were the occasional lost looking tag wearers wandering around graefe-kiez.

race day in tiergarten

it’s a rare occasion that i would get out of kreuzberg, take my non-existent grill and chill out in tiergarten on the weekend. the run was a good excuse to be out there in the nice but cloudy weather and run by the siegessäule.

that day, i had another excuse to be in tiergarten anyway. the TYPO conference at Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Saki Mafundikwa was giving a talk on the history of African alphabets, explaining a bit of how he ended up founding a graphic design school in Zimbabwe and giving a sneak peak into his next project on symbolic representation in Santeria, in Cuba. interesting people, interesting things. again, it was just me and him representing up in there. and what i was doing wasn’t really representing, just scoping.

at the race, just a few feet away, another Mitmacherin from the Kiez was lined up just a few shoulder rows away from me in the crowd and i waved hello (more proof Berlin is a small town… where’s the anonymity? where can i get lost in the crowd?)

in the end, i lived, a bit sore but happy not to have to take that 100 bus again anytime soon. i have more AVON products than i know what to do with and another one of these gold medal thingies. all pretty superficial but raising money for breast cancer research isn’t. the latest post at odessa street reminds me of that. my family too.


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