time flies

time is flying

sometimes things just speed up all crazy like, flying off the handle. people are having babies! not just regular ole, how did that happen, babies but planned babies! i must be getting old. the only thing that is not coming with a quickness is warm weather. one of the best things about warm weather in berlin is the abundance of freiluftkinos in every nook and cranny of the city. but not if you have to wear a scarf or bring an umbrella. like eternal optimists, the schedules press ahead anyway.

berlin is starting to take a turn for the routine. the newest routine involves getting a sandwich from the sandwich man once a week. he tries to entice me to buy extra things with lecker, lecker, sehr frisch and calling me madame, a tactic that almost works. he is from istanbul and seemed bewildered at why someone from new york would come here. to stay. isn’t new york better than berlin? he inquired. viel besser slipped out. i think it was the subconcious taking over. i made a conscious note of that. i didn’t get to ask him about istanbul. maybe next week.

the normal routine includes dodging kids on their way to school, riding the U-Bahn and overhearing strange conversations (ist das nicht strafbar? asked some lady loudly on the U1), going to class, going to work, teaching class, going to meetings, and posting up in cafe moskau every once in awhile for a nostalgia trip. a blast from the past, something that makes me feel good about time slipping by. bahamadia and rahzel are old school philly stylin at moskau on friday for the live demo anniversary.

and just maybe i’ll make it. that’s if i don’t fall asleep from all the energy that will be expended looking for that jazzmatazz cd… i know it’s somewhere.


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