friday the thirteenth

today starts another classic Kreuzberg event: Karneval der Kulturen.  The huge parade takes place on Sunday, wandering from Hasenheide down Gneisenaustr. and ending up at Yorckstr. on y go? what’s a hopefully sunny weekend in berlin without a radio multikulti sponsored event? nothing i tell you.

the t-shirts they are selling in the KdK shop are a bit odd.
for 15 euros, you can get a t-shirt with the following emblazoned on it.

"Be a part of the Leitkultur."
"Erfolgreich integriert"

interestingly bad. i’m not a marketing expert but 28 letter words are probably not ideal for t-shirts. for more on bad slogan ideas, spreeblick talks about the du bist deutschland marketing campaign here.


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