Racism Berlin 1

discussing racism

often, most often, discussions about race and racism in Germany approximate this. ignorant and misinformed, and blissfully so. and let’s not forget falsely indignant.

luckily at the Black International Cinema festival there are more informed discussions going on. there are two wonderful documentaries which played Friday and last night. Afroargentines is a revealing film about the current black population in Argentina, the systematic dissemination of propaganda to whitewash every bit of the country’s African heritage, and attempt to make all black people just disappear. There are no Black people in Argentina; Brasil has that problem.President Menem

Continuous Journey: White Canada Forever was another great documentary, which takes a look at anti-Asian immigration policies in Canada at the turn of the last century, through the decisive event of the Komagata Maru, the first boat of migrants, all British subjects from India, turned away from Canada at Vancouver. The Continuous Passage Act was designed specifically to keep Indians out; it stated that migration and residence would only be allowed if the migrants came directly from their place of birth. The only direct line by boat from India to Canada was then canceled. The fascinating and tragic story ended on an interesting note, comparing the continous passage act and the new immigration laws forcing people trying to migrate to Canada via the US to be turned back to US authorities.

i wish i had the chance to see more of the films but… there’s always next year, and today too.


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