Walpurgisnacht/1. Mai

i must admit my Walpurgisnacht was quite tame. since i’d just found out about it 4 days earlier at Stammtisch, the only thing i could muster up was watching Tanz in den Mai videos on Viva and scowling at the drummers who insisted on playing their one uninspired rhythm over and over again on Graefestr. what’s a Walpurgisnacht without Michael Jackson’s Beat It and homemade witches brew? next year i’ll be prepared and cast some spells or leave the house or something.

May 1st, i’d been informed for awhile. no rioting for me just two berlin spring classics: spargel and Yaam. one is a vegetable; the other is not.

vegetable not a vegetable
vegetable not a vegetable

hope that’s clear.

YAAM is one of the best sunday vibes Berlin has to offer. it’s moved from over by ARENA to across from Ostbahnhof. Overheard: Dieses YAAM gefällt mir gar nicht. despite the occasional disatisfied customer, there’s something for everyone. now there’s a beach. people watching, family friendly for the bebe’s kids, brothas getting their mack on for the beckys, and some pretty good food. a lot of YAAM is still a mystery to me on many levels. the white folks selling thay (sic) food, the fashion/sense of style, the melange of different peoples. maybe by the end of the summer, i’ll have figured it out.

one thing that is not hard to figure out. that (below)just don’t look good. just like prince harry, she should not have left the house with that on.

please don’t do this to yourself. hope that’s clear.

from the water’s edge at YAAM, you could watch the police prepare for an eventual departure to Oranienplatz. a gang of police vans and water spraying machines were set up on the other side of the river. the officers were chilling out like we were, just different music. we had paid to get in; they were being paid to chill. at quarter to 9, they pulled out and headed south. i headed south too. no riots to be seen, just a real residential fire on Schönleinstr. and that was that.


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