good beamter, bad beamter

first i got the bad.

how many numbers do you need to live in this country? i thought i was done.

the bad one didn’t like the fact that i had an old form. an old form that wasn’t filled out. the point of filling out an old form… dunno. but she still didn’t like that.

despite the fact that no one else was present, waiting, or materializing, i couldn’t ask my questions without the new form.

i’m always reluctant of giving up a seat once you are holding the cherished wartenummer and have made it inside the office. they say come back but then a 10 person family, with all of their 100 cousins, tends to show up as soon as your butt rises from the seat. luckily the family must have been at another government agency so i came back holding the new form, still with the same questions i had 3.45 minutes earlier.

busy admiring her bad perm, evil perm queen (EPQ) did not want to talk to me and got upset. i was berated. obviously civil servants in germany have been trained to tell whether a person is intelligent enough to have read a shortened version of an old form and to formulate questions from the information stated therein in a certain amount of time. instead of just answering my questions, EPQ insisted that i go outside, where i could pretend to read the form slowly.

instead i decided to fill out the form, despite the insistence on every website i read, not to fill out the form until you talk to the Beamter. maybe that is special treatment reserved for citizens. then i picked a new number, instead of going back to EPQ, waited and ended up with good Beamter.

despite her obvious association with EPQ, she had no problems answering my 3 questions. she didn’t send me out of the room to fill out the rest of the form. she didn’t lie and say i had to mail the form to the office. and she even stamped a copy so i could have one for my own records. she was friendly, serviceable, and professional. she didn’t accuse me of not making an effort or imply that laziness, ignorance, or stupidity were behind the impetus for my questions.

this is why immigrants have high stress levels. dumb shit, 24-7. i’m surprised more people don’t wild out each and every day. don’t let me run into EPQ in the street.


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