cheese and other stereotypes

– comte
Р2 lovely light and creamy ch̬vres
– camembert
– aged tomme
– red wine
– dark and speckled german breads
– turkish flat bread

after an amazingly well-oiled move, 5th floor, no elevator, we sat down amid boxes with the french/franco-german couple to celebrate their move to berlin and a new apartment in kreuzberg.

that much cheese would cost a year’s salary in berlin. i almost missed france for a second.

the move-ins were surprised how fast the move went, compared to the their move-out in paris.

well of course we are so much better organized in germany

laughter from everybody. the actual, real german, jus sanguinis contingent was pretty low. funny how people like to claim their positive stereotypes. i remember a french class in paris where we were asked to list stereotypes about our own nationality and whether we thought they were true or not. many of the german students swore on punctuality being a "german" characteristic despite their own penchant for systematically turning up late. or maybe they thought they were trying on being "french" during their year abroad?

the cheese was wonderful. i think i even had a dream about it later that night. i tried to make conversation about my 5-second TV appearance with the franco-german in between bites. like people do with me, so did you see that latest thing with Black People in it? i figured he would be the poster child for ARTE.

so yea I was on ARTE the other day.

you were where?

on ARTE?

on a what?

(running out of possible variations…) the tv station?

from the peanut gallery: he only watches RTL II.


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