going nowhere

for the first time in forever, i have no plans on moving anywhere, which is kind of a weird place to be. another first in berlin: thanks to ikea, i own more than 2 pieces of furniture.

it’s not like berlin is the love of my life but it’s aiight. i’ll live for now. berlin in spring and summer has got to be better than winter. and the winter wasn’t all that bad.

what’s the difference? settling down? making roots?

it makes me want to put on a plastic mask and kick some rhymes: Meine Stadt, mein Bezirk, mein Viertel, meine Gegend, meine Stra├če, mein Zuhause, mein Block

or maybe not…

first off, short term planning is out. long term planning is in. *happyfifadance* proud to be a winner of one of the recently allotted 812,000 world cup tickets. June 12, 2006, baby. be jealous.

2. now that it’s clear i’m not going anywhere, i’m decidely less than enthuastic about making any efforts to improve my german. i’ve moved to the "whatever happens happens" stage. i know enough to tell a telemarketer i don’t want her junk and to write letters to the BVG when my tickets get stuck in the machine. i’ll be getting my refund from the BVG (4,40 euros in stamps?!?) any day now. and that’s what’s important. i don’t need to write dissertations on the phenomenology of the spirit. actually, i think i’ve learned more japanese than german during my time in berlin.

3. i can wait at a red traffic light with no visible forms of transportation without a strong urge to jaywalk. those 20 seconds which i used to think were a waste of my precious time…now it’s just a moment to count my blessings. 

4. i feel slightly invested in my community. i’ve been to my nachbarschaftshaus and an Interesse Gruppe Gemeinschaft, a pseudo community board, meeting. one lady tried to blame an unsubstantiated increase in speeding on Graefestr. on the opening of a spaetverkauf, a generic 7-11. yea, ok… i even recognized an SPD abgeordneter for this district one weekend doing some errands by Bauhaus near Hermannplatz. he wasn’t wearing a red tie, though. disappointing.

5. when i check the stats and see that someone has visited my blog from, i think don’t they have something better to do? like create jobs or something?

6. i already have plans to be out of the neighborhood for the traditional May 1 rioting. first YAAM of the sunny season sounds like a better option.

someone has declared next week tv turnoff week.  does csi:miami count?

(image credit-my brother)


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