plan B

plan B

things to do when your intended guest misses the same plane twice in two days

1. recommend AA

2. enjoy the cleanest the apt has been for months and chill

3. take suggestions – Bebop & Loola rated the Robert Capa exhibit at Martin Gropius Bau as excellent. so i went and so it was.

a rare moment of sun, glendalough, ireland

ignoring the funky translations, i was really surprised and impressed by the show. the American Masters film (PBS) on Robert Capa is shown at the end of the exhibit. photos that still stick in my mind: trotsky portraits, he was quite the cartoon character; woman with head shorn for having a child with a German soldier; the German delegation to a WWI veteran/peace demonstration carrying an NS flag, an insane article on the Sarre region in France discussing whether they would vote for NS rule. i came away thinking that it’s disturbing to see the same images of displaced peoples from every era and how thankful i am to have never lived that experience. worth checking out. until April 18th. Niederkirchnerstra├če 7 | Ecke Stresemannstr. 110

when coming out of the museum, i was surprised again. this time it was a blond haired blue eyed man sporting a shirt that read 100% Negro. i guess that passes for humor around here.

4. walk around the canal with ice cream cones

5. wonder why you buy Zitty

6. make intended guest feel bad by regaling him with stories about the weather in Berlin when, of course, it’s raining in Dublin

7. buy cheese – i haven’t had Saint Nectaire since living in the boonies in France. Laib & K├Ąse, a bioladen, has a nice little selection. Graefestr. 69.

8. bone up on random trivia – after seeing jean reno play a belgian in hotel rwanda, i kept wondering whether he was one of these famous french people who turns out not really to be french, de souche, but ends up more french than the french. there’s a whole lot of them. i knew it! his real name: Juan Moreno Errere y Rimenes, born to Spanish parents in Casablanca, Morocco. after serving in the french military, he received french citizenship. and he turned down the Agent Smith role in Matrix to be in…. Godzilla?!? guess you can’t win em all.

do you know this girl?


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