freaky friday, part 2

freaky friday, part 2 !!

perhaps this blog thing is getting out of hand. today i got an email from someone i’ve been in contact with but have never met. first we were at the digable planets concert together without knowing it. and now it turns out i was sitting one row – way too close to the screen – in front of him at the sony center, where we saw hotel rwanda last night. it’s been established that i really do look like my south park image (sans pastel blue eyeshadow and the afghanistan landscape). maybe one day we will be in the same place at the same time and actually meet!

i swear i saw alfred biolek of alfredissimo near bergmannstr. today… i swear!! ok maybe it was someone who looks exactly like him, with a very nice looking young man.

the dubliner, who is known for this, missed his plane. the only person i know who consistently misses planes like it’s the M41 bus. it’s still gonna be a good weekend whether he makes it here or not.


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