white wearers

white wearers and other firsts

they are starting to pop up in berlin. i’m not going to lie and say i’m a fashion plate or expert in this domain but i do think it’s a bit early for white. not just the random white article of clothing. the whole white beige ecru mother-of-pearl transparent linen and things ensemble. white is for reflecting sun and keeping cool. in the summer. it’s still not warm enough.

i saw one of the first white wearers exiting at the gneisenaustr. you-bahn the other day. she had on an immaculate three-quarter length white coat, beige pants, white shoes, a white hair accessory and to top it off the louis vuitton white bag. from her hand, a crumpled up (white) tissue fell to the floor.

and then, in the middle of this surreal whiteness, i saw something i have never, ever, ever, EVER seen in Berlin before.

she picked up the tissue of the ground. !!!

you’ve got to get up really early to catch someone who is paid to pick up trash off the street in berlin. and sometimes i’m not even sure they are cleaning up more trash than they end up leaving. one morning, i saw two orange clad workers with brooms, sweeping some white chalky material around the sidewalk, just making all kinds of mess. maybe that was a performance piece?

but a regular ole person picking up trash they dropped… that’s a rarity.

i still can’t believe it. i wish i had my camera.

first run in a long ass time: my training schedule says i should be at 8k this week. very amusing.

first visitor of the year: the dubliner, my favorite anglophone, is coming this weekend! thanks to ryan air, he made cameo appearances on our sofabed in paris very often. he loves licorice so we’ll finally check out kado in the next few days.


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