raskal trippin goes to a’dam

i was just having an in depth discussion about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, immigration and europe, with afrobongo on OKP. couldn’t have been more timely. 

negatives: the security officer at schipol airport who asked me the apparently rhetorical question: can i touch your head? she proceeded to dig her fingers in my scalp and pull on hair that was not under my scarf, ripping some hairs from the root. as soon as i figure out to whom i need to address a letter of complaint, i will be at the post office first thing. so now you know, don’t try to store explosives or weapons of mass destruction in your hair. you’ll be found out.

the group of drunk/high/ugly americans at the sea palace, the famously overpriced floating chinese restaurant. they sang bad 80s songs non-stop from Rod Stewart to the Top Gun soundtrack, accompanied by table banging percussion. they really went overboard when they started moving the decorative screens around. i wanted them all to die.

positives: a’dam is definitely not the worst place to be in the world. i’m sure i saw deshigrrrl and esoteric soul before the concert but oh well. one non blog related day is probably a good thing at this rate.

it was museum weekend! free entry! we ended up at the modern art museum, which had moved, so much for guidebooks… a funny little chronological collection. i loved it especially the commentary in the curator’s book. things like: the woman in this sculpture looks quite bestial – if you permit me to say – possibly because degas was a misogynist asshole. the most comedy i’ve ever encountered in a museum.

banging: the concert. lunch at metz & co. overlooking the rooftops of a’dam, which isn’t that much of a feat, i guess.

cafe luxembourg               life size chess board near leidseplein

a canal how lovely. FIN de trip.


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