music in berlin

[listening to…

femi kuti, africa shrine (live) 2004]

music in berlin

sometimes it makes me want to cry. maybe i’ve given up before i’ve tried.

past summers i’ve been in berlin, i fell in love with escobar at wmf circa 2001 and peeked around at yaam. then i flirted with heimatkl√§nge. i thought it was berlin’s mini-version of central park summerstage. then they went and did something with wedding music one summer and 1/2 the schedule was klezmer. more tears. i can’t get down with the accordeons.

i’ve given up because it’s just not like other cities. berlin is pitifully homogenous for a capital city. it doesn’t matter how long i’ve been in berlin/europe i have a hard time changing my mindset. if i go to a salsa club, i expect to see some puerto ricans. if i go to hear reggae or dancehall, i expect to see some jamaicans. if i go hear gospel, i expect to see some cousins. if i head out for some afrobeat…

yet i always manage to be surprised by the same folks sitting around, smoking joints, folks who are only planning to dance if moved by the spirit of harder illegal substances.

maybe i’m just going to the wrong places. after meeting a supercool girl from kenya on the bus the other day and comparing experiences, we had a good laugh. it’s not just me. hmm… those easy jet ads are getting more and more enticing. i could make my own ads. minority? london only 29.99!

so when i learned meshell and spirit music jamia are playing europe this spring, i kept thinking about berlin and the vibe.

she may well be in germany and may well come to berlin. i may even be there.

but i will not be duped by berlin this time. eff that, i’m going to amsterdam to see the meshell/smj show at paradiso!

hopefully i’ll meet up with fellow bloggers deshigrrrl and esoteric soul and make a cameo appearence in their year of travel and adventure.

just like over at nubiansoul‘s spot, it’s all about the music.


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