april fool

april fools

this would apply to the sloppy drunk fat man who greeted me with a heil hi.tler salute this morning. i repeat, morning. moments like that… i’m thinking, high irony. my grandparents, my parents invested time and energy fighting for civil rights so that we wouldn’t have to face the same things they did. and i’m living in a country with more confederate flags than i’ve ever seen in my north-of-the-mason-dixon-line life. perhaps that makes me the april fool.

a couple of months ago, when someone told me “the salute” happened to them, i thought: now that’s some crazy mess right there. glad that hasn’t happened to me yet. yet being the key word. spoke too soon.

another april fool: whoever was smoking a joint on kottbusser damm. this morning… morning?!?

i also thought this lady was fooling me today when she told me: perhaps you were german. and where are you from? i got a kick out of that one.

another april fool… whoever found this blog by typing “Largest City nearest to Potsdam” into a search engine. that’s a joke right?

but so far the best april fool’s joke i fell for was on the okplayer boards. i clicked on “Tribe Called Quest + Fugees Tour Dates!!!” thinking yes there is a god.


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