pedaling away

if you have a bike, berlin is definitely more than welcoming. most cities are trying hard to increase the percentage of bike and pedestrian friendly zones. the east side esplanade in nyc is a recent and extremely gorgeous example. at hemmungen, there’s a pretty nifty link for berlin bike routes.

i’ve owned a bike for almost a year now. (don’t tell the old lady or i’ll get yelled at again)

the bike was all rusty through the winter but it’s now shining like the almost not really new it was when it was bought.

the last time i was on a bike was in oxford, england, in 2000. everyone and their mommas and their mommas’ mommas had bikes. even the stray cats had bikes. little children in the street had little children sized bikes. one little pint sized thing thought it was quite amusing that i was on a bike and offered to teach me how to ride it.

i should have taken her up on it. 5 years later, i still didn’t know how to ride one.

this morning at 6.55am i learned how to ride a bike. not extremely well, mind you. the whole starting thing, taking curves, braking and stopping is still a bit tricky. it’s only a matter of time until i’m using that link. 

maybe i’ll get a driver’s license one day too…


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