5 minutes

4 minutes 59 seconds

i think my 5 minutes are almost up. thanks to Ray D. at Medienkritik, who reposted my Top 10 list (grammatical errors and all), more people have visited this blog in the past 3 days than… well, ever. a new olympic record. eerie. especially the anti-German accusations. but some of my best friends are… anyway.   

if moving to berlin is like a freshman at a college activities fair, right now i’m about mid-semester. the novelty has worn off and i got work to do.

random suggestion: if you are a berlin neighborhood segregationist, a great idea for not leaving the neighborhood but changing up the pace – have a running dinner. that’s on the plan for the first night of the holiday – 5 different apartments, 5 different courses, all in kreuzberg.

and the five minutes are up…


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