question quartet

1. why can’t i get a straight answer when i ask someone: where are you from originally?

i’ve tried this often when german peoples tell me they are living in berlin. usually i get this shady kind of look and mumbling about some small village or a "really small" village. do none of these villages have names? i’m no expert on germany but if someone tells me Bad Boondocksberg and the nearest largest city, at least i have a hint of something. or maybe i should take the hint and just leave those small towns alone. maybe i don’t want to know…

2. why are the quotes on Wer Wird Millionär anglo-style, like this " " ?

3. do i look like a map?

not to be prejudiced but if i was lost and ran into myself on the street in berlin, i wouldn’t ask myself for directions. i would pick the unexpressive white guy with glasses in a black turtleneck over the black girl with an evil scowl, walking at an unnaturally fast pace. yet somehow people ask me directions all the time. i could be in finland and someone will come up with: kenttäpostikonttori? leaving me utterly confused.

since i sure don’t look finnish, maybe i just look like a person who carries a map? which would be true. i always have a map. and as of last sunday, i also always have a mini-version of the german grundgesetz (never know could be useful).

last night on münzstr. a man with glasses, someone whom i’d assume had a map, stepped in front of my path with an entschuldigung for directions. he did have a map too but he was just going the wrong way and taking his family along for the ride. his family looked as if they had one collective thought bubble hovering over their heads: we are lost in deep, dark mitte and you are asking the one person on this street who probably doesn’t speak german, know where the hackesche höfe are located and will steal our fannypacks. well ha, they were wrong. my random act of kindness for the week.

4. can you say goodbye without having said hello?

desylwood is having a goodbye party and inviting berlin bloggers to join her and her friends on thursday. anyone going?


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