confession sundays

i’m becoming possessive of the canal. i really liked the canal in winter. the thin naked branches. the slippery, crunchy muddiness. the birds standing on ice patches in the water. 

spring is bringing out the power walkers, the dogwalkers, the joggers, the canal rats (not the people – i saw 3 real rats the other day). to offset the spring effect, i keep going out earlier and earlier, reminding myself of the winter days. this morning at 7am, there were only a couple of walkers and asocial people walking their asocial dogs.

as i rounded a corner along the urbanhafen, i was shaken from my delusional state. there was a man shaking away and zipping up his pants. it is now warm enough outside for people to piss against a tree in broad daylight. i guess it’s springtime in berlin.


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