ethnographic research


young anarchists begging for money in the Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn. The dog, the mascot of anarchy, appears to have multiple owners, or perhaps human companions. the third step of the 2nd level is always occupied by human companion(s) and the aforementioned dog. perhaps the dog is the main organizing factor. otherwise who decides who gets the prime location and when? maybe there a sign-up schedule in a squat somewhere? grundgesetz: only those accompanied by the dog have the right to loiter, beg and/or solicit at the Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn exit. openings left on tuesday – 18.15-19.45. please sign and attach copies (triplicate) of personalausweis and polizeianmeldung. 

more signs of organized anarchy at hallesches ufer, female and male squeegee teams, accompanied by (same?) dog.


i’ve decided to study the native Potsdamers since i’ll be spending a bit more time in the region. the suburban species are quite a strange breed. in comparison to the berliners, persons of all ages traverse the hauptbahnhof, seemingly en route or returning from a gainful source of employment. briefcases and business and/or business casual attire appear in a curiously high frequency. teenagers seem to express the well-known, unfortunate suburban inferiority complex, actualized in not-quite right, but close accessorizing. potsdam is clean. the majority of people of color appear to be somehow tied to the nearby refugee residences. i will investigate further…

in the meantime, i’m working on completing the following analogy:

Potsdam: Berlin
???????: New York City

possibilities: New Rochelle, Yonkers, Rochester, Albany, somewhere in between New Jersey and Connecticut


the other day as i was flipping through some nonsense on tv, people singing bad songs and whatnot, a gapkids all grown up looking woman was interviewing people. i squinted and rubbed my eyes. i thought i misunderstood something because at the bottom of the screen where her name should have been it read: milka loff fernandes.

now i’ve heard some crazy names. caezareria chiquita esterine jones wouldn’t throw me for a loop. but this is germany… supposedly there is some bureaucrat that reviews baby names and has the right to approve or disapprove the parents’ choices. there’s even an appeal process.

i’m sure milka could mean "shining sunchild hand delivered by the almighty highest of all highs on a wednesday" in some language. however in germany, most people are going to associate milka with chocolate and a purple cow. it’s not ok to name your kid after Jesus but it’s cute to name a brown child after chocolate. what is really going on? somebody in standesamt hamburg didn’t do their job. that should be criminal.
and i thought i would have to change my plans to name my first-born sarotti-mohr toblerone (pronounced TOE-BLAY-ROH-NAY).

Berlin Blogosphere

recently there’s a lot of cross-linkage going on. from here and here. and it’s not just me. one blogger in germany even made businessweek. note: sacrificing a goat to the god of linkage during a full moon works.


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