some words you just don’t use every day. before i went for a routine GYN appointment, i decided to flip through the health section of an old french/german practical guide for conversation, for those who are travelling. on the cover, it promised 600 useful phrases and 6000 words and sayings. strangely enough, out of all the useful words and phrases under health, menstruation/period was nowhere to be found. after reading this book, you could converse with the doctor about your bee sting, dog bite, sciatica and drug addition. i can’t say for sure but just based on my personal experience alone it’s probably more likely to get your period on vacation than to become a sciatic drug addict with rabies and an allergy to bee stings. 

strangely spoken
title of an article in the Morgenpost: Car-Napping am Kudamm

this makes me think of someone sleeping in a car not someone getting their car stolen. carjacked

spoke too soon

two great days of weather and everyone is acting like it’s spring. winter is good. bugs need to die! like those wasps everyone will start complaining about in a couple of months. even the ice cream store on böckhstr. was open yesterday. i cannot eat ice cream with gloves on. it is NOT spring.

whispering sweet nothings

i just can’t really imagine being romantic in german, the frenchman confided to the american. i thought this was hilarious. i’m not really one to ascribe to statements like that. i can feel it on one level because we all have different affective resonances with certain languages but i find it hard to believe it’s related to the grammar and syntax of the language itself. we came to the conclusion that he should at least try it before he knocks it. can’t wait for the results of that experiment.


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