can everyone who has a seat free next to them raise their hands?
it was cold last night so some people thought their jackets deserved their own seats. at the zeughaus kino, every single seat was sold out. i don’t remember the last time i’d been in a movie theater that full. oh yea, berlinale…

i’d been waiting to see this film for awhile. classic 20s berlin, urban and modern. i love going to see silent films with live music. and only 5 bucks. sinfonie is a beautifully engaging, hypnotic film, depicting a moment of oscillation within a city that seems to have always been in flux. it’s fun trying to identify what is what, the residue that still remains. like the imposing anhalter bahnhof, the busy intersection at hallesches tor, the irony of a lighted billboard, with cresent and star, that read moslem problem. even just playing where’s waldo, the how many people of color can you spot game is amusing.

another thing crossed off the "german" to-do list. there’s not much stuff on that list.

Sinfonie was shown as part of the Ein Deutscher Filmstil? Leni Riefenstahl u.a. program at Zeughaus Kino, Unter den Linden 2, until 03 April. 5 eur.

(another great berlin movie: 80.000 shots, a timelapse of potsdamer platz being rebuilt)


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