what’s in?

Kreuzberg is OUT!

i was talking to "the pulse of Berlin" last night who suddenly exclaimed that my neighborhood is passé. horror of all horrors.

what is in in Berlin?

and how would people know? spandau could be bumping but i never go there.

this neighborhood bashing has got to stop. why are people so judgemental about where you live? perhaps because unlike other major cities where certain neighborhoods clearly price out a large percentage of the population, berlin is relatively cheap everywhere.

so basically i’ve chosen to be out. more horror.

the more i think about the "outness" of kreuzberg, the more i wonder whether it’s directly proportional to hipness reaching a child-bearing age. there are few people who would send their pale kids to a brown school. i encountered the few at the SPD discussion and they were not happy campers.

what’s really in? deportation. on monday, i watched someone get taken from one of the refugee residences in Potsdam, just stuffed into a police car. who knows how long this person has spent in Germany? 4,5,6 years? unofficial observers say that the deportation rate seems to be increasing since the new immigration law passed in January. there were no provisions for cases of long term asylum seekers to obtain residence permits if the demand was refused. years of just waiting… i can’t even really grasp the situation. hopefully, a situation that will eventually become passé.


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