week in review

unsuccessful act of the week: i tried to give blood. my veins were too small, the needles too big. i’ll have to try again. must. drink. water. lots. big veined folks, take up the slack.

countries of the week: cameroon, mozambique, guinea. i met some pretty dynamic folks who hail from there and are working on some interesting projects. since my berlin adventure has been decidedly european, a "welcome, sister" was nice to hear.

missed event of the week: female flava. i would have just gone for comedic purposes so it was probably for the best. i checked the femalehiphop.net website only to find a link to an interview with someone i knew from college, now an up-and-coming "hiphop scholar."

monday art: free day at the guggenheim. the pollock sketches show, "no limits, just edges," was packed. with fur-coated little bitties. i guess everyone likes a freebie. i tend to enjoy the exhibits there, doing lots with little, a zip in/zip out cultural snack. past faves: chillida, mapplethorpe/classical tradition. Until 10 April, Unter den Linden 13/15

tip on tuesday: from michelle at stammtisch, pi.ratecinema, every sunday. (bring recordable dvds)

now i have to figure out this week…


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