MTV, just die already

there are 101 reasons to be disgusted at the globalization, commercialization, and product placement of american “culture” and “blackness.”

i don’t need a reason for this one. the pimp-my-burger ad campaign (only for the german market!) takes a tired, half-assed idea for an american tv show broadcast on german tv, targeted for the jamba! ringtone teenie market, in order to make a parody of a parody of a parody. besides the low cost factor, the fact that the original (pimp my ride) show is broadcast at all (in english with german subtitles) is strange. i don’t get it. if bertelsmann broadcast schlager, musikantenstadl and udo lindenburg worldwide 24-7, i sure wouldn’t be watching.

let me add this, along with garnier-how-many-times-can-we-associate- black-hair-with-bad!-hair-fructis style, to the list of commercials i don’t need to see again.


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