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waiting for godot (i mean, joschka)

awhile ago, i tried to win a night’s stay at the hotel adlon. this type of thing is probably an inherited trait. since i get lucky every now and again (berlinale tickets, movie screenings at sony center), i figure why the hell not. except this time, i didn’t win anything. instead i ended up subscribed to the politikerscreen.de newsletter to all of my email accounts.

i’ve decided it’s not a bad thing. now that i’m living in germany and may not be moving any time soon, i too want to know when mr. fischer is going say something, anything concrete over the latest scandal to hit the political scene. i’m sure he didn’t get a tracheotomy too. everything should be in working order and the public has a right to know how all of these people entered the country illegally, yet possessing legal documents to do so.

in the politikerscreen lexicon, the word of the day is Wostok-Bericht, a report published by the National Crime Agency. the agency had identified problems 4-5 years ago yet the policy remained the same, despite post 9-11 “security measures.” it’s reported that in 2001 the embassy in Kiev granted almost 300.000 visas to enter Germany.

when you are a legal resident, standing at the post office and have to take out your passport, you’d be interested to know. if you are a refugee, waiting on your asylum case to be settled for the past 5 years, you’d be interested to know. if you have all your required paperwork and have to wait 3 months – without work authorization – to get an appointment for residency, you’d be interested to know.

it’s time for mr. fischer to speak up.

we all know that if 300.000 brown skinned people – from one country or even the amalgamation of non-european countries – showed up in Germany all in one year, that would have been shut down years ago.

this is no time to lose your voice. we are all waiting, mr. fischer.


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