digable planets @ moskau

slicker this year

it was hot. sauna hot. blackout in the summer hot. it brought me back to bluelight basements and jammy jams, the party you bring a towel to because you know you are about to get your groove on. that’s how hot it was in cafe moskau on saturday night. so why were folks pretending like they were chilling with a winter coat, knit caps, and the backpack? you got me. that is just not necessary. it doesn’t look hard, just cheap. if you can afford a 2 euro beer, you can afford the 1 euro coat check.

live Demo – the digable planets show was cool, the last on their europe tour. short and sweet the requisite singles from way back when. if it wasn’t a nostalgia show though, i would have been mad that it sounded like i was listening to the cassette tape playing through a neighbor’s wall. all those folks with coats and backpacks were blocking the sound. you could hardly hear anything from where “front-of-house” should have been. excepting the audio problems, the vibe at moskau was as always quite nice.

in between the dj and the opener, minding my own business, i spied someone i knew. for normal people, this is probably not such a rare occurence. for me, someone who just moved to a foreign country (again), it means something. something enormous. it’s next level. it’s like winning a prize. a certificate of residency that states that i have hereby been acknowledged as having said acquaintance and without any previous knowledge or planning have met forementioned acquaintance by an act of God. it was one of the talented baristas from We Love Coffee. the news is that he and his colleague took 2nd and 3rd prizes at the regional competitions, meaning they are off to compete in the nationals – Frankfurt. the world barista championship takes place – where else? – in Seattle.

a friend looked at me, curiously. who do you know? i’m impressed.

it impressed something on me. it made me think that eventually, one day, in a future, far, far away, i may find a place, space, and time where here feels like home. it’s only been 6 months. the rebirth of slick is yet to come.


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