back on the block

in the neighborhood

back on the block

you can only walk down the red carpet so many times. twice was enough for me. all of those cameras, the big screen view of your image in bundled up winter clothes, it was a bit strange. not very glamourous. that still didn’t stop one man from calling someone on his cell phone to say, really loudly: YEA THE FILM’S OVER. I’M WALKING DOWN THE RED CARPET RIGHT NOW. real smooth.

more berlinale revelations:

– so now i know where marlene-dietrich-platz is; apparently i’d been there many times but never knew. reading is fundamental.

le promeneur du champs du mars was actually quite good. it’s not just another run of the mill mitterand, the megalomaniac exposĂ©. mortality, humanity, socialism. so many grand themes in one little man. the director managed to come off as charming as his film, when explaining why he was happy to be in Berlin: “Ish bin alb Deutche.”

– i’m not done. tonight is riyuu, a japanese murder mystery. then i’m done.

back on the block, no red carpets to be found, there’ve been a few changes. ankauf und verkauf has now transformed into spätverkauf, a downscale 7-11. near the ubahn, the relatively new tele/internet cafe with comfy chairs seems to be quite popular. across from avril, the above sign popped up in the window. being a nosy neighborhood scout, i googled the new addition to the kiez. interesting…


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