out of it

completely out of it

i watched the bourne supremacy on the plane back and marveled at matt damon’s ability to transport himself at whim throughout the berlin streets. hey i’m on ku’damm, no look it’s friedrichstrasse! i got bored after the old dude shot himself in the head and turned it off.

the most important thing i’ve done since being back is put in a bid for world cup tickets. it’s a bizarre process. you can’t bid for games on the same day in different places. you must include the names of every possible ticket holder. it is required to input what team you are a fan of. you can bid for up to 7 games and technically i guess it’s possible to get them all. since over a million applications were received after just two days, i’m assuming that not going to happen. it would be pretty annoying and costly to end up with 7 sets of non-refundable, non-transferable tickets. if no tickets come through, i’ll have to start praying i’ll end up being a volunteer.

after that historic step, i realized i’m quite out of it. it’s not jet lag. it’s a strange combination of visiting an old home, throwing out papers, documents, photos that represent the first 28 years of one’s life, and returning back to a new home, filled with IKEA that dates back to 6 months ago.

plus i’m cold. in new york, it was practically 50 degrees and sunny.

on the way back from the airport, the cab driver recognized the neighborhood from a file way in the back of his memory banks. aha this is where the first aid center is! I took my child there before, he said and smiled. oh i used to live around this neighborhood. very free. people drive like they want, wherever they want. i laughed and realized i was actually glad to be back.


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