things that make you go hmm…

flipping through the tv channels before heading out to the movies last night. wer wird millionär with gunter jauch looking utterly bored. the question: which world championship winning boxer did robert deniro portray? the contestant was clueless so it was up to the audience. now i don’t know where this audience was from. maybe RTL gave the nearest institute for the blind a bunch of free tickets. after the music stopped, the audience was split between Jake La Motta and Joe Frazier.

let’s look at this closely…

Robert de Niro. Joe Frazier.

Bobby Niro.
Smokin Joe Frazier.

frazier-ali. fight of the century. no one in the audience knew. now that’s a trip into some strange colorblind world. or maybe they thought deniro just slapped on some blackface and racked up another oscar.


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