crosstown traffic

crosstown traffic

so hard to get through to you…

there’s some (ibm?) commercial with 2 business men on cellphones in different international cities. the plans keep changing and so do the cities for their eventual meeting. it’s corny.
then i realized that i have conversations like this. it’s not my fault. somehow there are people i love who are on their way to becoming a template for multinational golden boysngirls. this is disturbing. maybe easyjet is too blame. my friend calls and the first thing i ask is not how are you but where are you?

– wo bist du?
– in köln. i just got back. but i’ll be in berlin.
– cool! when?
– first week of february.
– that’s great but we’ll be in new york.
– oh. how long will you be in new york? i’ll be in florida the next week.
– too late. we’ll already be back in berlin.
– oh well.
– how long are you back in köln?
– i leave next week. florida but i have a project in cincinnati.
– hey my friend lives in cincinnati! you remember him right? he’s actually in frankfurt right now but maybe you could at least meet up with him.
– cool. so is mr. sattva home?
– uh no. he’s in slovenia.
– since when?
– today…

i hung up and promptly forgot all of the dates mentioned. i’m just trying to get it right in one city.

in this city, i went to dussmann’s the other day and was happy to notice the sarotti-mohr exhibition was gone. it’s been replaced by jimi hendrix photo sessions. interesting but probably not worth a trip if you aren’t already there on other pretenses. like buying a hella expensive japanese textbook for class. 

other upcoming mentionables:

2. – 14. Jan Tanztage: guess it’s pretty much over. could have been nice…
13. – 16. Jan 4. Berliner Wintersalon: maybe i will pick up the Mehari book.
21. -23. Jan fashion week(end?): this really doesn’t  interest me . but is berlin so broke that it can only afford a fashion weekend?
29. Jan another museum late night: this i could do.
10. – 20. Feb berlinale: this will be hotel rwanda‘s  european premiere, but out of competition.
23. Feb bush does berlin: time to dust off those papermache pretzels.


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