who are the people in your neighborhood?

the people that i meet each day tend to hover between interesting and strange. a regular sunday afternoon on reichenberger str. i’m just enjoying my little happy world when i get blindsided by some guy who is not all there. one minute there was quiet and calm. the next, i spy this man doing his best at a flava flav impression behind my left shoulder. other than his eyes bugging out, he could have been just another brother from the illadel, except he wasn’t. he was walking a fine, wobbly line between buzzed and gone. lost.


i didn’t know what that meant. i did know it was a quarter to one. so why was he walking down the street with a can of red bull in one hand and a half finished becks in the other. most of what he was mumbling in english i couldn’t make out. there was another YOU ARE GOOD! i live here! and the requisite "are you from Africa?"
i didn’t want to laugh at him but he was acting crazy. i could not keep the laughter from escaping. i mean he was having a mixed drink out of two separate bottles. i explained that i was from new york and would be going in the opposite direction. away from him. now. i wished him a nice day. in turn, he replied, you! have a nice night!

life is hard in germanee… maybe it’s the lack of sun…

linkage: this blog was posted at i haven’t really taken the time to read through it. i went straight to the t-shirt collection -edit – closed due to evangelism? oh well the blog is still up and running


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