new year

ankauf u. verkauf

in the new year

it does seem to be a bit sunnier.

the former ankauf & verkauf(pics) on graefestr. is still boarded up. i wonder what will take its place.

i learned that karstadt on hermannplatz is channeling galeries lafayette. there’s a mainly overpriced food smorgasbord downstairs but if you want shallots or flour tortillas, you’ll find them there. i’m wondering how i missed out on that. we bought a rabbit for lapin à la moutarde. 

i still seem to scare the old lady and her dog who live on the 2nd floor. she looks at me as if i have devil incarnate written across my chest, which probably isn’t a bad t-shirt idea. sometime last year, she was clearly going out for a walk when i passed her on the stairs. i was out in front of the building for awhile before i realized she must have gone back inside her apartment. before moving to berlin, i can say that i’ve never had this much contact with older, really uralt, white people before. i’m worried if i get too close they will try to check for a tail. someone actually did try to check my teeth, like a horse, so i’m not exaggerating.

somehow i didn’t make it to a club on new year’s. i was slightly enticed by the drum&bass extravaganza at watergate. i guess i’ll go to watergate some other time when people aren’t armed with rocket launcher firecrackers. for 2005, i’m attempting to do something else besides yaam, wmf, or jazzanova related clubbing. on jan 1, i went to bed at 2 instead, woke up awhile later and participated in the UNICEF 4K Fun Run. there’s nothing like running down the unter den linden with tourists clapping for you like you just finished the marathon. 3.900 other people had the same idea and it was a self-proclaimed fun time. overheard: i haven’t seen many kenyans this morning.


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