at random

rathaus hamburg

at random

random.trip: hamburg. just hopped on the train. in the 6-person compartment, there were 4 people and 3 dogs. the dog owner, who admitted to owning pets way into the teen numbers, had bought 2 seats for the dogs. a tiny dog head poked out of a handbag. perhaps i could have gone along with buying human seats for dogs if the dogs had in fact sat in the chairs like humans. however the stank ass dog was under my seat for most of the 2 hour train ride.

hamburg is hopefully one in a series of discovering germany trips. my only associations with hamburg previously: destined to witness and reeperbahn sexmile. i was pleasantly surprised. we spent hours in the kunsthalle, had lunch at cha cha (thai fusion), wandered around st. michaels church, the fishmarket area, reeperbahn, st. paulis. we ate seafood without wondering too much about its origins. i may have to go back when it’s not snowing.

random.advice: take the money allocated to dog train seats and donate to the tsunami relief organisations. for example, deutsches rote kreuz.

random.visits: paris emptied out over the holidays. people went back to their native roots in bretagne or wherever. in berlin, no one seems to go anywhere. people are multiplying. they keep calling. they are in town.

: i ate bratwurst and drank glühwein this week. i still haven’t tried currywurst though.

: i thought i was done. yesterday i ended up at the bürgeramt again. i thought i had applied for a job but in reality i had just applied for an invitation to apply for a job. now i must resume running around to different offices in search of random documents. my health safety pass is expired, meaning i need to sit through the "please don’t come to work if you have hepatitis" video again. another 14 euros. for this job, i also must find a document that proves i haven’t been involved in any criminal activities. this costs 13 euros. what could i have gotten into in 5 months? robbing banks to pay for my job applications?

: at the bürgeramt, in the elevator.
(in german)
so where are you from? africa?
no, i’m american. way back in the day.
oh i thought maybe you were from africa. i am from north africa.
what country?
oh so you speak french?
(in french)
me too. i lived in paris before moving here.
ah oui. i have family in paris. i go there often. in paris there are so many africans. paris is not like here.
no it sure isn’t.
(simulateous sighs)
bonne journée!


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