Formel M

Einsteigen, bitte.

formel M and civil disobedience
what is it? apparently it happened on 12.12. maybe there was a big ceremony to celebrate the new Metronetz. my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.
so now there’s a MetroBus and a MetroTram. there are new MetroMaps and MetroAds with cheezy designs. yet i still have so many questions. Is the U-Bahn now the MetroBahn?

i took (another) informal survey to see what i missed out on during the first 10 days of the new Metro. i’ve been staring at the ad featuring a bus tattooed with a fiery design, the fernsehturm standing stoically in the background. i keep wondering what has changed when everything looks the same.

aside from snazzy ads, the Formel (M) seems to have no major impact on the lives of most people (whom i talked to, so… 3 people). there’s the added nuisance of the truncated U1. the new M41 bus, which goes to Potsdamer Platz, has gained a quiet following in the graefekiez. the third major change seems to be rerecording all of the electronic messages to replace the word Bus with MetroBus. do the trains go faster? come more often? should i start taking the tram? was there a renovation, replacement, upgrade, something? does Schumi do guest stints on the U8 line?

one greaterBerlinarea native concluded: it still takes longer to get to Spandau than to get to London Heathrow.

it smells like a fare hike. probably to pay for those cheezy ads. the latest call for action against the bvg. click for a larger picture.

call for action


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